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Working boats galore!

A look back at the June 2010 Braunston Historic Narrow boat Rally which broke all records…again!

We seem to have come a long way since our first Rally in 2003, when we were very pleased and indeed relieved to welcome 19 former working boats, mostly from the Fellows Morton & Clayton (FMC) fleet, to celebrate the re-restoration of the last surviving steam narrow boat President. This year’s final tally as now agreed between all of those counting ‘em in, was a record-breaking 92, making this the largest attendance of such narrow boats at any rally since the end of the working days on the canals. Indeed it is hard to imagine such a congregation of those working narrow boats ever, not even during the 1924 Boatmen’s Strike at Braunston nor the famous Easter stoppage at Buckby in 1910.

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