Boat Handling Courses

Why have training?

This is absolutely essential if you are a novice or have only a little previous experience. Even if you have had several canal holidays on hire boats and you think you are a reasonable steerer, the chances are you have been largely self-taught and there will be big gaps in your required knowledge. To be properly taught by a skilled and experienced professional will make you a much safer steerer to the benefit of your crew and passengers, of other canal users and, just as important, to the well-being of your expensive paintwork! You will also find it will greatly increase your boating enjoyment. If you have a partner, other family member or friend who is likely to do quite a bit of steering at times then it is a good idea to have them included too.

We are happy to recommend Bob Stewart (details below) who will give you, for a modest fee, a full day’s training on your boat.

Boat Handling Instruction:-

1). Bob Stewart

of a2b Boat Relocation Services and a fully qualified MCA licensed boatmaster amongst other qualifications, will for a modest fee give up to three people a full day’s tuition on either your own boat or a hire boat.


2). Willow Wren Training

in Rugby offer a wide range of courses including RYA Helmsman’s Certificate, Boatmaster Tier II, Diesel Maintenance, First Aid etc.:-

Willow Wren Training –  Steve Vaughan

tel. 07798 727262