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Bringing the dead wench to life

Part 1 – Tim Coghlan takes a lighter look at his chance involvement in the filming at Braunston of the Inspector Morse canalthemed episode The Wench is Dead – and its unforeseen consequences.

My first encounter with the Morse circus – for circus it was indeed to prove – was on the morning of Tuesday the 23rd September, 1997, a sunny early autumn day. One of our staff came into the marina office to report that a couple were seen wandering around the yard, taking lots of photographs, and showing a much greater interest in the place than your average tourist. It was somewhere near the low-point in my fifteen-year battle with the local district council over the marina and our plans to expand the moorings. Already four Braunston parish councillors, including one who was also the district councillor, had been banned from entering the marina through solicitors’ letters, because of taking unauthorized photographs to be used for purposes I saw as potentially harmful to the marina. My first thought on hearing of our latest visitors was, ‘Here we go again!’

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