NB Duckett


+ 45ft Traditional Style 1976

+ SR2 Air Cooled Diesel

We are instructed by executors to sell this 45ft  boat which was built by Hancock and Lane in 1976.  It would be fair to describe this boat as a “project” but we understand she was over-plated then grit blasted and painted with 2 pack epoxy paint in 2004.She is painted in red with a grey roof the external paint appears to be in reasonable condition and has a black front cratch cover covering a large well deck. There is a wooden cover over the side hatch doors, and the handrails are in hardwood as are the back doors.

 There is a gas locker in the bow and the water tank is in the well deck.

There is a running lister SR2 air cooled engine with an LM Gearbox throttle leaver and forward and reversing handle.

Inside requires attention but there is a small calorifier, water pump with accumulator tank, a solid fuel stove and a nelson cooker. There are some radiators and pipes which are not fully plumbed. The walls and roof appear to be insulated in a mixture of rockwool and polystyrene sheets.

It will be up to the purchaser to establish if these systems are functioning. As we have only very limited knowledge of the boat due to the nature of its sale.

OTHER EQUIPMENT : There is a boat pole and hook a number of mooring pins and windlasses. Fire extinguishers and fire blanket. Gas bottles.

Bss to 2022



45ft Traditional Style 1976
Hull by Hancock and Lane
Lister SR2 with an LM gearbox


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