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Training Courses

Why have training?

This is absolutely essential if you are a novice or have only a little previous experience. Even if you have had several canal holidays on hire boats and you think you are a reasonable steerer, the chances are you have been largely self-taught and there will be big gaps in your required knowledge. To be properly taught by a skilled and experienced professional will make you a much safer steerer to the benefit of your crew and passengers, of other canal users and, just as important, to the well-being of your expensive paintwork! You will also find it will greatly increase your boating enjoyment.

If you have a partner, other family member or friend who is likely to do quite a bit of steering at times then it is a good idea to have them included too.

We are happy to give you the name of a trainer who will take you out on your own boat for a full day of instruction. She is Braunston based but will travel further afield. If you are considering taking the RYA Helmsman Certificate examination at some time in the future then an inexpensive session with her will give you an excellent preparatory grounding. Click on her name for the website :-

Boat Handling Instructors:-

Trines Ward, Boatmaster   tel. 01788 899105  mobile: 07969 168612



 Previous experience: over 16 years as captain of passenger boats, hotel boat skipper and boat handling instructor.


Advanced Training:-

Willow Wren Training in Rugby offer a wide range of courses including RYA Helmsman’s Certificate, Boatmaster Tier II, Diesel Maintenance, First Aid etc.:-

 Willow Wren Training tel. 01788 551144   mobile: 07970 770565